Thank you for investing in this House! We believe that generosity is a privilege because God has been so generous to us.

TEXT TO GIVE: 973 850 4891


1. Add the number to your contacts.

2. Once saved, send a text typing an amount, for example:20

3. When you send the amount for the first time, you will get a message with a form to fill it out with your account information.

4. Finally, submit the form.

Next time, you just need to type the amount you want to give, and that’s it.

“Our mission as a church is to help the community, the needy, the missionaries, our people and our home that we all love. We are servants and followers of Christ, we believe in tithes and offerings. We believe that ten percent is just a small gesture of gratitude for what God has blessed us enormously and offerings for the growth of his kingdom. What we give to God is with joy and not sorrow in the heart. “

– Senior Pastor Renato D Bernardes